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Been Busy Lately …

Been busy lately that I have no time to post anything last month, not to mention tweety twitting, which I am reluctant to do.

How long is a month? or one year? or even a millisecond?

To realise the value of ONE YEAR, ask a STUDENT who FAILED a grade.

To realise the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave BIRTH to a PREMATURE BABY.

To realise the value of ONE WEEK, ask the EDITOR of a WEEKLY newspaper.

To realise the value of ONE HOUR, ask a girlfriend who is waiting for her boyfriend, no wait, it could have been only TEN Minutes or less!

To realise the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a PERSON who MISSED the train.

To realise the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.

To realise the value of ONE TENTH of a SECOND, ask the 100m track and field athlete who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

To realise the value of a millisecond/ a thousand of a second, ask Formula 1 driver!

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Boring Nada Girl?

“Boring ku nada girl ani, inda siuk bah nada gelpren ani..”

I overheard the above conversation between a few teenage boys, few days ago at one of the malls in town.

Smiling to myself, I wish I could listen more to their conversation, but I had to run some errands.

During my teenage years, I had some friends of the opposite sex, but I bet they were just with me solely for academic purposes.

But now, most of my “female friends”, just could not take their hands off me, for many reasons.

But back to the earlier conversation of the teenage boys, do you guys really feel bored without any girlfriend?

In the situation that I am in at the moment, it does not really matter, in fact, with you not having any relationship is where the fun begins, as you can go out with anybody you feel like going.

Every now and then, we hang out together for our happy times, and some time it would be only me and one of the girls, having coffee, watching movie, watching the sun sets or whatever we feel like doing, yet we are not “officially” together.

So, it all goes back to the individual, of what they desire, but for those teenage boys, ” Boys, you guys should really concentrate on your studies rather than thinking about girls”.

Educated guys do make a plus point for the ladies, and educated person also scores high marks with her parents/family, (if you really wanna go far into the relationship, that is).


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KL Trip – Part 2

I settled into my seat and started to open some documents to prepare for my meeting.
Sitting on the other side of the aisle was,  I think… a Malaysian lady… early thirties I guess, but ‘well maintained’ and probably ‘high maintenance’ judging from her hair and dressing.
She was wearing a tight white blouse…. from a certain angle you could see in between her blouse buttons her bra… Black… ahem… I have a tendency to go weak with women who wears black, red and pink bras… pusing kepala dong….
I offered a smile… she didnt replicate… must be a lot is going on in her mind… ah well… banyak lagi lauk di KL tu….
Unfortunately for me… Shirley were looking after the rear part of the plane whilst I was seated to the front just behind biz class.. so it wasn’t often that I see her to ask for errr.. juice…

On arrival, I took a limo downtown and this time I stayed at Westin Hotel which is just in front of Pavillion shopping.

It was my first time there but I have stayed at different Westin properties worldwide. As an SPG Platinum member, I got a room upgrade and all my bags was handled swiftly by the front desk.

Meeting was not for a few hours so I decided to hit of the many SPA’s along Bukit Bintang….. and this is one of the start of the many beginnings…

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KL TRIP – Part One?

Its not often that I travel on MH – Malaysian Airlines due to the fact that most of my biz meetings are either in Singapore, Bangkok or North Asia.

But when I do manage to hop on board, I always look forward to it.

My latest trip onboard MAS came a few days ago, short flight from Brunei – KL.

During check in I was greeted by a petite lady by the name of Feezah, 23-25 y.o. nice backsid, shame  as I only had the pleasure of her company for only a few minutes as check-in was quite brisk and trouble free.

As I walked on board, I was greeted by a male cabin crew, but as I turned right there she was…. vava voom…. very nice indeed, lips so luscious that can make you drool while just thinking what it can do.

Her name was Shirley, Chinese lady… well proportion…That Kebaya dress hugged her to perfection… what a star…

“Welcome on board” She said
“Hi, Seat 9D…How’s the weather in KL? ” I asked her

“Morning is bright but sometimes it rains in the afternoon”
“I see, well I hope when you finish work you can go back to something nice and warm”

Whilst sitting down, as she was standing very close, my elbow brushed her bum, I reckon its fairly firm and round… just as I like it….

“Sorry” I apologized

“No worries”, a sweet smile follows.

.. and what happened during the flight, that, I am still contemplating whether to post or not to post …..

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Mei Chop Goh Mei

I did not realized the last post was just before the Chinese New Year, and now it is just after the closing celebration i.e. Chop Goh Mei.

Once again I was with Mei, as her whole family was still away on vacation, Mei invited me to her crib.

As last nite was Chop Goh Mei, so I assumed that there would be some crowd, but boy I was wrong, the only crowd was her domestic helpers, as it was just Mei and me.

Adorning her tight-body-hugging cheongsam, she was really mesmerising, could not help but stared at her soon as she opened the door last nite.

*snap* *snap*

” Hei Roy, are you alrite?”, Mei asked me whilst snapping her finger in front of my face.

“er yea, just could not help looking at how beautiful you look tonite”, I quickly replied.

“So you are saying, that I was not that beautiful any other days?”, whilst pinching me on my stomach.

“ooooouucch, nope, what I meant was, you look much more beautiful tonite”.

“alaaa, sudah lah Roy, bah come on in”, she invited me in.

Mei, is the only girl of the family, whom are often left alone by her parents due to their frequent business trips. Having much wealth, that many people would love to swap place with, Mei is still lacking something in her heart department.

She chooses her friends carefully, as most of the friends are only close because of her generousity, and there are also some of the girl friends who are jealous of her because of her packages, i.e. wealth and beauty.

I would not say she looks like Shu Qi, Bai Ling or Zhang Ziyi, but I can bet you that, everytime she walks to our table for our happy hours, all eyes will be on her.

It was a lovely nite, having dinner at her huge balcony, watching some people playing fireworks, was really a nite to remember.

As we go further into the evening, she started to “pour” her emotion to me, expressing her loneliness everytime her family is away.

Exchanging emotions, she moves closer to me, without realising she was snugged in my embrace.

In the midst of rejoicing the moment, I felt something vibrates.

*Dayum, my mobile was on vibrate.

* 1 Message received.

“U buzy? need to talk to u…” Bella messaged me.

*Need to opt for an early exit.

“errrm, Mei I think I need to go”

“Is everything OK Roy?”, Mei sounding concerned.

“Something just came up….”

After a quick goodbye ritual, and as soon as I hit the road, plugging my bluetooth earpiece, I was on the phone with Bella til my way home….

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Inviting msg…

Incoming Message from Mei.

“Hei u, you are REQUESTED to come over to my place this CNY 26Jan, u know the place, the time 3pm, c u 😉 ”

Mei, a lovely Chinese lady, whom I have known few years back, thou I cannot recalled how I actually known her, but what I know is that, we were very close, but not THAT close.

“k, for u, I’ll b there :)”, I replied her message.

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