It’s a Jog

It was such a lovely afternoon.

Cruising alone, within the vicinity of the sports complex, saw a number of people, running, and running like Forrest Gump.

They seem to enjoy themselve, thou some just don’t really know where they are going, as they were going round and round.

Nevertheless, such ambience, had lured me to stop, parked my car at the spacious parking area, and as I always kept various clothing in my car, just in case time like this happens, so I joined them for a jog.

As much as possible, I would made myself to jog at least once a week, just to keep me alert.

I love to jog on the outer complex, rather than inside of the sports complex, the outer complex track gives you a greater atmosphere, plus you could meet various people.

After doing several laps, I just realise that, there’s this young sweet lady who keeps on overtaking me, nice!

Moments like this, extinguishes my exhaustion.

But, after about 4Km or so, I think I’ve had enough, so went back to my car to rest.

And as luck was on my side, that lady had parked her car just next to mine!

A simple smile later, and to cut the story short, she got my number.

Yeap, you got that right, she got my number!

Don’t ask me how, entrapment perhaps.


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